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Thorough Examinations

If you or your business use lifting equipment in day to day operations then you have to abide by The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, commonly known as LOLER. These health and safety regulations enshrine in law that those who provide, control and use lifting equipment ensure that is safe for operation. To ensure that your lifting equipment adheres to LOLER Regulations, you must have your equipment undergo Thorough Examinations.

thorough examinations experts in scotland

According to LOLER the onus is on the employer to ensure that the lifting equipment undergoes thorough examinations at periodic intervals. Normally this is every 6 or 12 months but can be more frequent depending on the equipment.

What Are Thorough Examinations?

LOLER states that a detailed and methodical inspection of the equipment and safety procedures is to be carried out at regular intervals by a ‘competent person’ who will then compile a report that must include:

• The date of the examination
• The date of the next examination
• Any defects or potential defects that could be hazardous or dangerous.

If any serious problems are uncovered the competent person must immediately verbally report this to the duty manager.

Finding a ‘Competent Person’ under LOLER Regulations

A person considered competent under LOLER must have the theoretical and practical knowledge of lifting equipment so they have the ability to provide a thorough examination. In addition for the thorough examination to take place the competent person must be adequately impartial and independent so that thorough examinations can be made without prejudice.

Aerial Access Services are one of Scotland’s most established and trusted LOLER examiners, providing thorough examinations across Glasgow, Lanarkshire and further afield. Our highly experienced teams are familiar with all aspects of LOLER requirements. They go above and beyond the thorough examination stipulations to ensure that your lifting equipment is valid, fully certified and compliant, giving you the peace of mind that all the legal requirements are in order.

Aerial Access Services are available for a one off inspection or as part of your regular inspection cycle. We offer a clear and competitive price structure so do get in contact for a quote and to discuss how we can best serve your regulatory needs.