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Our Trusted LOLER Examinations

loler examinations by trusted professionals to meet loler regulations


LOLER Examinations are an Investment

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) are designed to protect heavy equipment operators, owners and people working around them from injury. If your business is using lifting equipment, even if you do not own the equipment yourself, by law you must abide by LOLER standards. In order to do that, a thorough examination is necessary. Many lifting equipment owners and operators feel that the regulations slow down work time and prevent them from simply getting on with the job. But in actual fact, making sure that your heavy lifting equipment is up to scratch can save you money, prevent downtime and improve production times in the long run. Here’s how:

1) Faulty Equipment Breaks Down

Part of the thorough examination necessary under LOLER regulations includes a lifting equipment inspection. This check will ensure that your machinery is working well. A machine with even the smallest fault is at risk of breaking down and that means downtime. It may be a matter of minutes to tighten a loose screw, or it could mean weeks while a new part is ordered and repairs are carried out.

2) A Faulty Machine is a Dangerous Machine

Dangerous machinery can cause injuries and apart from the obvious trauma associated with this, it may well mean losing a skilled operator for months at a time.

3) A Machine in Good Order is a Machine that Works Well

When a LOLER examination is passed or any anomalies are resolved, the operators, owners and people working around the machine are confident in its abilities, and a machine that works well is a smooth running part of the operations, ready to work to its optimal capacity.

4) Qualified, Trained & Trusted Professionals

AAS technicians are fully qualified and fully trained to provide the thorough examination service. An examination by our diligent staff provides peace of mind to lifting machine operators and owners. Knowing that your machine has had a thorough examination by a competent person, that you have abided by the law and that your work environment is a safe one is only a click away.


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Don’t risk taking a chance with your lifting equipment, hire trusted, trained and qualified professionals to carry out your Thorough Examinations under LOLER Regulations. Contact Aerial Access Services for one of Scotland’s most established and trusted LOLER examiners.

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