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Archive for November, 2019

Multitel Resprays

Posted by Aerial Access Services

Aerial Access services gained a contract with Multitel UK. To preform resprays on a some of their Hx-200s. This is due to the development of corrosion on some of these machines.

Example of the Rust

Our in house Painter Douglas, first starts the paint repair process by washing all of the machine. This is done to help prevent any oils or dirt from contaminating the new paint. He then proceeds to sand back the rust and then keys the surface of the rest of the machine.

once the Machine has been sanded, he then starts to mask the Multitel off by using various masking materials including, Masking Paper, masking tape and plastic sheeting which is specially designed for spray painting.

The next step of the process is painting. Douglas applies an etch primer first. this helps prevent future rust and gives a smooth surface for the top-coats. Using the wet on wet technique he then applies the metallic silver to the jack legs. once dry he then masks off the jack legs to prevent over-spray. Using the same technique he proceeds to apply the white. He then allows the paint to dry overnight.

Once the paint has fully dried Douglas then removes all of the masking. He does this carefully as to prevent any damage to new paint. Once this is done he give the machine a look-over for any defects. if none are detected he then applies the decals to the machine. Once this done the machine is sent back to the customer.